Thoughts on politicians, their body language

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Kentucky’s U.S. Sen. Rand Paul has apparently learned his lesson: that it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

His recent silence (all things being relative) has created a certain aura of credibility for this youngish politician.

Sometimes it is easier to get attention if you whisper than if you scream, it has been said.

I hope he knows that a measured and careful, thoughtful response or comment will advance his presidential aspirations far more than his former from-the-hip-style cheap shots.

Maybe there’s hope....

And I’ve been missing Ted Cruz’s familiar body language and machinations during his speeches.

I sometimes expect him to suddenly moonwalk across the stage while doing that down-pointing finger emphasis of every word.

It is like watching a trained animal go through the same trick’s over and over and over.

Will someone please tell him how insincere and phony that all looks. And tell him that he is not a preacher giving a sermon about fire and brimstone — we are not fools, we know it is all about politics.

But, hey, Ted — nice suit!

Now, will you please get off the stage and give us someone who has a real interest in the future of all Americans?

Massive landslides, earthquakes and missing planes, massed troops on the border of Ukraine, North and South Korea exchanging artillery fire; chaos in the Middle East — add to that rising sea levels, soon-to-be inundated cities and impending regionalized famine.

That was all in the news this evening and it got me to thinking — maybe Ted can go to the seashore, point his finger down at the incoming tide and hold back the sea.


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has investigated himself and found himself totally innocent, pure as the driven snow, and he expects Americans to believe this hogwash.

Don’t we get any credit for just a little intelligence? Do we, the voting public, seem that gullible? His body language, the blank stare, the sagging jowls and shifty eyes give him away.

He obviously is trying to convince himself that he is not at fault for the bridge disaster we all lovingly call “Bridgegate,” a lovely addition to the national political lexicon.

I think Christie had better check his  pants  — I think I smell smoke.    

B.J. Gillum