THP license, seat belt checkpoints slated

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The Tennessee Highway Patrol is planning to conduct driver’s license and safety belt roadside checkpoints the week of June 29 in Roane County.

A driver license roadside safety checkpoint will be on Hwy. 70 at Caney Creek Road.

The safety belt roadside checkpoint will be on Interstate 40 westbound at the 340-mile-marker offramp.

During the driver license checkpoint, troopers will concentrate their efforts on vehicles operated by drivers who violate the driver license laws of Tennessee.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol has found these checkpoints to be an effective means of enforcing driver license laws while ensuring the safety and protection of all motorists.

Troopers recognize the danger of traveling without safety belts, and they will target those who operate a vehicle while unbelted during the safety belt checkpoint.

They will also take corrective actions for other violations observed.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol recognizes that safety belt checkpoints are highly visible and effective tools of enforcing the state’s safety belt laws while ensuring the protection of vehicle occupants.