Three high schools searched for drugs

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By The Staff



Drug searches at Harriman, Oliver Springs and Rockwood high schools netted a handful of drug charges Friday morning.

District Attorney Russell Johnson said the most significant find was at Harriman High School, where dogs located a small amount of marijuana separately bagged in the vehicle of a juvenile male.

“It appeared to be separately bagged for the purpose of resale,” Johnson said.

Harriman Police Sgt. John Wilson will be prosecuting the student with a juvenile petition for possession of a Schedule VI for resale.

Johnson said another drug dog hit on a student’s vehicle in Harriman, where some ammunition was found. No weapons were recovered.

Johnson said having ammunition on school property is a violation of school policy. The matter was turned over to the school resource officer and school officials to handle.

In Oliver Springs, two small amounts of marijuana were found in separate vehicles, Johnson said.

An adult male will likely be charged with simple possession, according to Johnson. His name was not available at press time, but Johnson said the male will be charged by the Roane County Sheriff’s Office.

A juvenile female will also be charged with simple possession.

Brass knuckles were found in an Oliver Springs student’s locker, and that juvenile will likely be charged, Johnson added.

Nothing significant was found at Rockwood High School.

Before each room was searched, boxes were placed in classrooms in which students could place items for legal amnesty, Johnson said.

At all three schools, this act netted items that included students’ prescription and over-the-counter medications, which Johnson said are not supposed to be on their person.

A few knives were confiscated in Harriman from the amnesty box, Johnson said.

Any confiscated item such as these that violated school policy was turned over to school officials, he added.

Three separate teams with 11 dogs participated, according to Johnson.

Participating agencies included Roane County Sheriff’s Office, Oliver Springs Police Department, Harriman Police Department, Rockwood Police Department, Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, Morgan County Sheriff’s  Office and Meigs County Sheriff’s Office.

Johnson said no school officials were notified in advance about the searches.

Authorities first contacted school resource officers on Friday to get the schools on lockdown.

“It was completely unannounced to protect the integrity of the search,”  Johnson said.