Thyroid uptake probes offered

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New RMC service gives complete look at glands

Roane Medical Center now provides thyroid uptake testing in addition to thyroid scans, offering a comprehensive testing menu for patients.
The nuclear medicine department at the Harriman-based hospital acquired a new thyroid
uptake probe, Biodex Atomlab 950, to assess thyroid function in patients.
The thyroid uptake probe helps determine the presence of over- or under-active thyroid glands.
“Performing a thyroid uptake in addition to a thyroid scan provides a complete picture of the thyroid function and anatomic structure of the thyroid glands,” said Kerrie Cunningham, lead technologist of Roane Medical Center’s nuclear medicine department.
Thyroid scans typically are performed in conjunction with a thyroid uptake when there is suspicion of thyroid nodules, goiters or other masses.  
According to the American Thyroid Association, thyroid nodules are the most common endocrine problem in the United States, with one in 10 people eventually developing a thyroid nodule.
Roane Medical Center’s nuclear medicine department provides diagnostic imaging for thyroid problems, as well as imaging of the heart, lungs, kidneys and bones.
Nuclear medicine imaging often detects abnormalities early in a disease's progression. It also provides a way to gather information that otherwise would be unavailable or that may require surgery or more expensive diagnostic tests.
For more information about thyroid or other
nuclear medicine imag-
ing at Roane Medical
Center, call 316-0000 or visit www.roanemedical.com.
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Roane Medical Center also offers services through its subsidiaries, RMC Patricia Neal Outpatient Center, Roane Medical Sleep Center, and Roane Medical Women’s Center. 
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