Time for a change in Harriman High football coaching

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I have watched Harriman High School football since 1958. Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost, but we always competed.

This is the worst coached team I have seen in my 64 years.

When I played for Harriman, practice was harder than any game we ever played.

I have watched these teams practice for a long time. These coaches don’t allow tackling.
This is football, coach.

I am so sick of hearing “We are so young.” You haven’t been young for the past nine years.

The reason these kids get hurt so much is because the first contact they have is game time.

The kids who now are juniors and seniors  — I know for a fact, they are good athletes.

Four other coaches and myself coached these kids since they were 4 years old. I know what these kids can do. All I can say is it is talent wasted.

I am not the only one who feels this way. I would say three quarters of the fans feel this way.

The only people who go to Harriman games are parents of the players and parents of the band, and that’s very sad.

It’s time for a change when Harriman fans can call the next play and be 80 to 90 percent right.
Harriman has become that team  that everyone wants to play for their homecoming game.

Very, very sad.

Greg Love