Time to give credit where credit is due

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We would be remiss in our duty if we did not, on these pages, acknowledge the the death of Henry Wattenbarger.
Wattenbarger was a friend to this newspaper — and to many individuals and groups in and around the community.
We sometimes wondered of Wattenbarger felt his contributions — and they were many — would be forgotten after he was gone.
They won’t be — not by the people who knew him.
Wattenbarger lived past the age of 90 and was one of the busiest retirees we have ever known.
We’ll miss his wry smile and the twinkle that could light up his eyes.
Rest easy, Henry. We miss you already.
Kudos to the Kingston Police Department and its auxiliary officers for their efforts to help feed the hungry for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Once again, the department teamed with Hands of Mercy. After collecting enough food for 127 families to have Thanksgiving dinner last year, this year, they more than doubled their efforts — feeding around 400 families.
So what about the future?
“Next year, we’re going to feed more,” Chief Jim Washam confidently told a reporter.
We’ve seen the determination of Kingston city employees when they put their minds to something. The new pavilion employees raised money for at  City Park is a perfect example.
So when Washam says his people will feed more needy families next year, you can take that to the bank — the food bank, that is.