Too much focus on sports, too little on studies

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Allow me briefly to respond to the most erudite column of the honorable Gerald Largen in your paper of Aug. 9.

I consider Mr. Largen to be a friend for whom I was permitted to write historical columns, from about 1993 to the phasing out of The Standard in late 1996.

It was a great learning experience for me for which I will always be grateful to him.

Mr. Largen is a wordsmith without peer and well versed in many fields of endeavor of which sports is an exception.

His comments about the Roane County educational system was right on and applies to the educational system nationwide.

Yes, it is all about sports and not about academics.

A thousand or so years hence, when a future civilization uncovers our present civilization, they will wonder at our nation’s satuation with stadiums — how we certainly loved our games or whatever was done therein.

Today our stadiums are full and the churches are becoming more empty.

The Holy Bible instructs us that God will not be mocked.

Is there to be a period of reribution or shall we see a return to the harmony established by His Son with man?

Lewis H. Spivey