Tribute to Scott McNew brings mom’s thanks

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I am writing this letter to the Harriman High School and its athletic club in regard to the honor they  bestowed to my deceased son, Scott McNew.

What a wonderful thing to do!

Scott was devoted to the athletic system and the school system as a whole.

He loved all the boys, coaches, principals, his psotters, the quarterback club, PTO and, especially, the announcing system.

I had absolutely no knowledge that this honor was to be held, such as the cheerleaders’ shirts and players’ helmets honoring him or the wonderful words Tony Brown used on the radio to give Scott the credit and admiration he so richly deserved.

As many people know, Scott was very sick for a long time, but still what heart he had left was wrapped around all the kids at Harriman schools.

He loved the teachers who helped him in the PTO.

If I had known this was going to happen at the ball games, I would have responded right away.

Scott was my rock since the death of his dad, Tom McNew, in 2001.

Scott’s brother, Ben McNew, our “special” child, loved his brother above all else except the Lord.

Scott was such a wonderful brother and son to us, and our love for him will never be fully understood unless you’ve lost a child to death.

I thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the people and the work that went into this tribute for him and all his hard work.

I’m sure God will bless those involved.

I also thank the Roane County News for printing my letter to you.

I am so grateful!

Carolyn McNew Pogue