Trucking fly ash just adds to disaster's pain

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By The Staff

When word got out that officials were investigating possible terrorism in connection with the TVA disaster, few of us expected that there was anything to it.

And we were right.

However, there’s no arguing that ours has been a community hijacked by this disaster.

Even outside the immediately impacted area, our concerns, and those of our public officials in very trying economic times, have been steered to deal with this problem.

Our recreation plans and tourism opportunities have been altered — at least for this summer.

Traffic flows have been hampered, both in Swan Pond as a direct result of the ash spill, and by the number of dump trucks on the road working to shore up the mess that was left behind.

This week, TVA wants to begin test runs of trucking to landfills in neighboring counties.

We understand the need to remove the spilled fly ash from the Emory River, but we oppose the trucking of ash.

Shipping it by rail has proven to be a viable option. Let’s stick with it or even try barging it, if that isn’t enough.

Shipping by truck will only result in further problems — damage to our roadways, more air pollution just from the truck fumes alone, more impact on traffic and safety and more concerns for local residents.

We’ve been through enough as a result of this disaster.

Let’s keep the ash and the trucks that will be carrying it off of our highways.