Trust in God over government at heart of gun fight

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Columnist Gerald Largen is correct that an assault gun ban will not prevent the recurrence of school violence.

The question then becomes what force drives the demand for a ban?

The only purpose fulfilled by having an assault rifle ban is to prevent people from having a gun that could stop the unjust and illegal use of government force when they come to take life, liberty or freedom from the people.

We have surrendered the glory of our freedom by being beguiled into believing or entertaining propaganda and accepting executive orders, unjust laws, unauthorized taxes and other usurpations of authority instead of standing to fight against them.

The people have surrendered those rights and freedoms because they have been educated into ignorance of what they are, why they exist and how they operate to keep peace under God rather than peace under law enforcers.

When the only people with guns are the people sent by mayors, governors, presidents and kings, the people are no longer able to protect themselves from the collective power of collective evil.

It seems the people most likely to be abused by a lynch mob have forgotten that the most dangerous evil is the evil that is wielded by a majority mob that has no one to stand against the ones holding the knives, guns, stakes or burning beams.

The fruit of the Holy Spirit is self control (self-government). We either trust in God or we trust in government. We can’t do both at the same time. The purpose of fighting evil is so we may live on in safety.

If we fight the evil of forgetting God’s good and righteous altogether commandments, there will be less need to fight to defend ourselves from those who have forgotten or forsaken his commandments.

Sherry McMillan