TVA refires Kingston Fossil Plant

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The Kingston Fossil Plant started firing up again this week.
TVA spokeswoman Barbara Martocci said all nine units at the plant had been offline since September for yearly maintenance, to finalize repairs to the scrubber system and to connect the dry fly ash system.
Units 1 to 3 came online Monday. Unit 4 was in startup Tuesday, and the remaining five are expected to come back into operation by the end of the year.
The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation cleared TVA to begin using one portion of the gypsum disposal landfill on Nov. 9.
“This approved portion has been improved and lined,” TDEC spokeswoman Tisha Calabrese-Benton said. 
TDEC ordered TVA to stop using the landfill last December after a leak was discovered. TVA was also ordered to make corrective actions, which included the installation of a synthetic liner.