TVA running SOR trucks

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By Damon Lawrence

Some South of the River residents have noticed increased truck traffic in their area.

“There’s a huge number of trucks,” Timberline Drive resident Bob Henderson said. “You might see 10 on a trip from Kingston out to Woody Lane. Several people have asked me what’s going on.”

The trucks are part of a project at the TVA Kingston Fossil Plant.

“We are constructing an expansion to the current Gypsum Disposal Area landfill at Kingston that will be used in the future to store dry fly ash,” TVA spokesman Scott Brooks said. “This is part of our conversion from wet to dry storage of all of our coal combustion products.”

Brooks said TVA is placing a 2-foot-thick layer of clay on the site.

“We did not have clay available onsite that would meet the specifications, so we are having to haul it in from a location off Woody Lane in southern Roane County,” he said. “Claiborne (trucking) is doing the hauling.”

Brooks said the work is scheduled to continue through the end of May.

Henderson wondered why TVA chose to get clay from a site South of the River.

“The contractor on the project selected the site based on our specifications for the clay,” Brooks said.

Henderson said a resident he knows was so curious about the truck traffic that he followed one to see where it was going.

“He followed it up to Woody Lane,” Henderson said.

Sharon Turner of Woody Hill Road said she was curious about the increased truck traffic.

“Whatever they are working on, it must be a big project because there’s a lot of trucks,” she said.