TVAA season coming to a close

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By Brownie Rose

The dust began to settle after the ninth week of the Tennessee Valley Athletic Association games last Saturday. 

The Oliver Springs hoppers and the Spring City cutters  won the regular season title in their age divisions. Each team holds a two-game lead in their age group.

Kingston is locked in for second place in the hopper group while Oliver Springs has a lock on second place in the cutter age division.

The mighty mites and crickets still have one more week to go before Harriman can claim both titles the title in their age divisions. The Harriman mighty mites hold a one game lead over Oliver Springs with the two teams meeting this Saturday.

The Harriman crickets hold a one game lead over Spring City after they picked up a 20-14 win last Saturday, but they also will have to win at Oliver Springs this Saturday to claim the regular season championship.

Both the Oliver Springs mighty mites and the Spring City crickets have a lock on second place in the two divisions and both will play the Harriman teams again in two weeks in the Gold Bowl championship games.

Rockwood at Oliver Springs

Oliver Springs didn't get the sweep this time around as the Rockwood crickets pulled off the upset with a 22-20 win in the second game of the day. This would be Rockwood’s third win of the year while Oliver Springs remained in third with five wins.

Oliver Springs did roll in the other three games winning 24-6 in the mighty mite game. The Bobcats held on to second and won their eighth game of the season.

The Bobcat hoppers cruised to a 32-6 win and held on to the top spot in the division and are unbeaten at 9-0.

The Oliver Springs cutters grabbed a 24-0 win in the last game of the day over Rockwood and leaves the Bobcats in second with their seventh win of the season.

Midway at Kingston

Kingston did get a sweep against visiting Midway Saturday, but the Yellow Jackets had only one mercy rule win. 

The Kingston mighty mites won their fifth game with a 16-0 win over Midway. The win leaves them in third place in the division

The Kingston crickets remained in fourth place and got their fourth win in the division with a 20-0 win over the Green Wave.

The Yellow Jacket hoppers got the only early ending win with a 28-0 decision over Midway. This was Kingston's seventh win and leaves them in a lock for second.

The cutter game was a close one with Kingston pulling out a 20-14 win over the Green Wave. Kingston won their sixth game and are in a lock for third place in the division.

Spring City at Harriman

The Harriman mighty mites easily held on to first place with a 28-0 win over Spring City. Harriman stays unbeaten at 9-0 in the division.

The biggest game of the day saw the Harriman hoppers grab a 20-14 win over Spring City to claim first place in the division. This would be Harriman’s eighth win of the year. Spring City drops to second with the loss, but they have a lock on the second place and will meet Harriman again in two weeks in the championship game.

Spring City rolled in the last two games winning 28-6 in the hopper game and 22-0 in the cutter game.

 Spring City's hoppers won their fifth game and locked up third in the division while The Red Dog cutters remained unbeaten and in first place in the cutter division.