Two housefires, two dogs saved

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By Cindy Simpson

Harriman Fire Department stayed busy last weekend, assisting Midtown Volunteer Fire Department on a house fire around 5:30 a.m. Saturday and working a second house fire in West Hills in Harriman on Sunday.

When Harriman firefighters arrived at the scene at 212 Ben Henry Road, in Midtown’s service area, the fire was raging.

“The roof had already collapsed in,” said Capt. Preston Hamby.

Hamby and firefighter Jeff Cunningham saved two family pets in the Midtown fire.

One dog was chained under the front porch, and another was chained to something about 10 feet from the back of the home.

Hamby said he thought the dogs were surely dead because of the intense heat.

“But I heard him yelp,” Hamby said of one of the dogs

Firefighters sprayed the area of the front porch to cool things down and suppress flames, enabling them to get closer.  Hamby was able release the dog from his chain.

“He was glad to get out of there. He just sat there and let me unclip him,” Hamby said.

Firefighters were also called out around lunchtime Sunday to 405 West Hills Drive.

Harriman Fire Chief Brad Goss said when firefighters arrived, fire was coming from the front and rear of the home.

He said a resident left burning candles unattended in the home, causing the fire.