Uncivil discourse is best ignored

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By The Staff

The best thing about being an American is that built into our government system, our very core, is room for disagreement.

“No two on earth in all things can agree,” Winston Churchill once poetically said. “All have some daring singularity.”

What also makes America great is that our government, done right, allows plenty of room for discussion, debate and questioning.

That is, unless the process is hijacked by people who have no interest in civil discourse, facts and learning anything.

This poor, disruptive behavior has become clearly evident at town-hall-type meetings to talk about health care and any effort by the government to improve it.

Fueled by venom spewing right-wing “talk” show figures (although the political slant doesn’t always matter), people have been coming into such meetings with nothing more than the intent to disrupt and derail debate.

It doesn’t matter where you stand on the health-care debate. Any of us can stand to learn more about what is being proposed, what is and isn’t working elsewhere, and what is and isn’t working here.

 But not if a bunch of yahoos barge in with no intention of listening or debating, and no intention of allowing anyone else to do so.

We have no patience for this kind of behavior from anyone.

The disruptees are like sheep, bleating up whatever blather they are fed instead of diplomatically participating in a democratic society that is built to include their opinions, whatever they are.

The only way to deal with them is to herd them away and ignore them.

They have shown no reason to be treated  any more respectfully.