U.S. EPA needs to take over ash spill handling

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I was shocked to learn about a federal lawsuit filed against  Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., a company employed by TVA to remediate the ash spill site in Roane County.  

The allegations set forth in the suit are serious.

Early on in the spill aftermath, I raised concern about the impact on the health of the Roane County residents due to the toxic constituents in the coal ash.  

We were told time and again by the TVA that the ash was harmless.  

We now see internal documents that  clearly outline the toxicity of the fly ash and see allegations that this fact was covered up and in turn several workers on the site have become ill.  

There are even allegations of improper air quality testing.  

My main concern is the safety of the residents of Roane County.

I am calling on the TVA to completely audit their air and water quality monitoring protocol immediately.   

I also call on the U.S. Environmental Proetction Agency to step in and take over as the lead agency on the spill clean up and monitoring.  

I also call upon the U.S. Attorney’s office to look into the allegations of improper air quality monitoring.  

Every step should be taken as soon as possible to make sure that spill remediation is conducted properly and safely.

Randy Ellis