U.S. Marshal’s Service best bet with Houstons

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An open letter to the Roane County sheriff:
I read recently that the Houstons have been levied with a multi-million dollar penalty. I don’t presume to know their next step, but having served in law enforcement, I can quickly surmise what is coming next for the  sheriff’s office.

I would like to suggest an alternative option to training and amassing  equipment for a tactical operation to remove them from their property should they not appeal or find another recourse.

Please, Sheriff Stockton, consider recusing yourself and your department from  this next chapter in history.

Instead, request the U.S. Marshal’s Service execute any and all process with regard to the Houstons.

I personally realize that the local officers are above such behavior and  fully qualified to act in this capacity, but excusing them from serving the  Houstons would remove any question of potential retribution.

Shawn Hughes
South of the River