Vanishing rapist caught

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By Damon Lawrence

Charles Daniel Mullins is back in custody after leading authorities on a manhunt. Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said the search for the registered sex offender ended Wednesday night when Mullins was arrested at a home on Unaka Street in Harriman. 

“We just kind of cornered him in, and he didn’t have anywhere to go,” Stockton said. “We arrested him without incident.”
Mullins is classified as a violent sex offender on the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry.
“He’s a menace to society,” Stockton said.
Mullins was convicted in Cumberland County in 2005 for criminal attempt to commit rape. He was sentenced to community supervision for life and ordered to wear a GPS tracking unit.
While under those sanctions, he allegedly raped a teenage girl in Roane County in March 2012. That case is still pending in Roane County Criminal Court.
Mullins was arrested on Sept. 10, 2012, for allegedly removing his tracking unit. While in custody at the Roane County Jail, he allegedly assaulted another inmate who was in jail on a rape charge.
Mullins was released from jail in May on a $10,000 bond. He picked up a new charge this month after the Roane County grand jury indicted him for allegedly removing his tracking unit last September. 
District Attorney General Russell Johnson said when authorities went to look for Mullins, they discovered he had ditched his ankle bracelet. 
“They’ve called out the canine unit from Morgan County Correctional,” Johnson said Tuesday. “They were chasing him between Oakdale and Harriman on the Roane-Morgan County line through some woods.”
Johnson said the Harriman Police Department, Roane County Sheriff’s Office, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and Morgan County Correctional were involved.
“We searched a house in Harriman, and he wasn’t there,” Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy John Mayes said Tuesday. “Now we’re following up on leads.”
Authorities had better luck on Wednesday.
“We followed those leads, and we had someone working with us to help us apprehend him,” Stockton said.
He was shocked that Mullins, 32, was released on bond — set by Criminal Court Judge Eugene Eblen  — in May.
“How in the world did that happen?” Stockton asked.
In October 2011, Mullins was indicted for violating the conditions of his lifetime supervision. In June 2012, he was indicted for theft. He was indicted on the rape charge in October 2012.
“We didn’t want his bond reduced, and we didn’t want him out, but he got his bond reduced and got out on an ankle bracelet,” Johnson said.
The sheriff’s office declined a request Thursday morning to release the report on Mullins’ recent arrest. Jail records listed his charges as violation of the sex offender registry act and aggravated assault.
He was still in custody at press time.