A View from Lick Skillet

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By Gerald Largen

Before we get to the chief thrust of this column, we would be remiss if we did not remind the readers that we are now entering that special time of the year for loyal East Tennesseans, to-wit poke-picking time.

In point of fact, we have found several stalks of the glorious weed known as poke sallet ready for harvesting, and we hope by the time this column is published we shall have had our first mess of the delectable herb. As long time readers will recall, we especially prize the early pickings, no more than one foot tall, thoroughly washed, then parboiled, drained and boiled again through two or three waters.

After this it should be drained again then transferred to a skillet with some fat, either oil or drippings, and fried until all excess water has been evaporated then stir in a number of beaten eggs and continue to cook until the eggs are thoroughly set, and even browned a bit. Then eat and enjoy.


We are pleased to report that our friends at the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency have been busily working to move along the development of the McGlothin-Largen park.

They have burnt over the fields to eliminate unwanted vegetation, and are working on the final plans for the first fishing pier.

While the park is not yet ready for use by you, the general public, for whom it is ultimately being prepared, it is gratifying to observe the steady progress that is slowly, but surely, being made. It is to be hoped that not too many more month will pass before you will be able to begin to enjoy this new recreation venue.

We’ll endeavour to report on the progress as it occurs.


From at least the time of Jeremiah, in various versions, it has been observed that “There are none so blind as they that will not see.”

This thought came to mind as we pondered the coverage of the Boston bombing and the role played by the religious persuasion of the perpetrators of that outrage. It should be clear to anyone who can see that this is another Muslim attack upon us and our country, but all too many of those who should see this refuse to see what is so plain to those who will see.

The facts are simple. The two brothers who carried out the manufacture, placement and detonation of the two bombs which wrought such havoc are devout Moslems, with roots in Chechnia, a part of Russia with an Islamic majority, which has been fighting for years to establish an Islamic state, independent of Russia.

(As this is being written, news from Canada has been released of another duo of worshippers of the Prophet with murderous plans to destroy a number of us infidels. In this case it is a plot to blow up a passenger train carrying a number of Americans and Canadians from New York to Toronto. We expect that this will not be the last such incident that will come to light in the near future. Forfunately the Royal Canadian Mounted Police — The Mounties — uncovered this plot and arrested the plotters before they could carry out their plans for jihad against the “infidels.” But as long as Imams preach against the unbelievers, new seekers of Paradise earned by killing infidels, will continue to hatch their plots and no one in the West will be safe from their schemes for mass murder.)

No theory has been put forth to supply any cause or motivation for this homicidal activity on the part of the brothers except their religion. And their own mother has been quoted as admitting as much. It is virtually certain that were there any other motivation, or cause, it would have been put forth immediately in view of the fact that our friends in the news media have bent themselves in postures not unlike the pretzel to avoid reporting this religious motivation. But those who are interested in facts, rather than “political correctness,” will immediately recognize that despite all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth Mohammadanism, Islam, Muslimism, or any other name for it, is a religion which was born in violence, flourished through violence, and is committed to expansion by violence.

Furthermore, they will recognize that although there are many millions of followers of this faith who are peaceful people, who wouldn’t personally hurt anybody, but who will not protest the violent nature of their religion or its leaders, thus aiding and abetting the perpetrators of violence.

Likewise, their leaders will not make a move to lead their flocks away from violence, or to punish those who resort to violence in the name of their religion.

The role that the elder brother was destined to play may be reflected in the name chosen for him by his parents, i. e. Tamerlary, the shortened spelling of Tamerlang, the Fourteenth Century conquerer of South Western Asia often in the name of Islam! Many lives were snuffed out by this militant espouser of this religion until he controlled a large region of the continent from the Ottoman Empire in the west to China and India in the east. And thebrother lived up to the murderous reputation of his namesake, just in a more confined scope.

It is likely that one must either be as old as the Old Curmudgeon, or be a diligent scholar of pre-WWII history, to recognize the similarity between our current situation and the situation in Great Britain during the mid-thirties, when the great Winston Churchill tried to arouse his countrymen and warn them of the dangers of the German National Socialist Party- the Nazis. Had he been successful, WWII might have been averted and millions, both Axis and Allied, might not have been killed. But his countrymen by and large would not listen to him, but instead listened to the politicians and their cohorts in the press, which were as reluctant to tell the truth about the Nazis Party as our current politicians and press, as well as the news media that did not exist in the mid-thirties, are reluctant to tell the truth about Islam and the muslims.

]ust as so many people back then saw all the well-scrubbed, fresh-faced young Germans and the distinguished, dignified kindly German elders, whom they could not imagine killing ]ews and Gypsies, many people now see all the innocent young and old Arabs whom they cannot imagine killing Americans and other westernerg and in truth many of them are incapable of perpetrating outrages of any sort especially murder, but by not doing anything to stop their co-religionists, they condone it all.

]ust as we finally recognized the evils of National Socialism, and later recognized the evils of International Communism, as threats to our country and our system of democratic governance, so must we recognize the evils of Islam, and act accordingly.