A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Is Bryan College trying for new monkey trial?

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Gentle reader, before we get started on today’s topics, we would like to mention to you a brief thing we heard on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition on Tuesday, a week ago, at approximately 7:40 a.m.

The segment was about the up-coming Louisiana Senate campaign, and specifically about Sen. Mary Landrieu and the effect her vote for Obamacare might have on the outcome.

One of the interviewees, a man named Broussard, after saying he was opposed to the Senator, and that he opposed Obamacare, was asked if he voted for the President, to which he replied: “I don’t vote for black people. They’ve got their place, I’ve got my place. That’s the way I was raised.”

While we might regret Mr. Broussard’s inability to overcome the shortcomings of his raising, we applaud his honesty. We wish that more of those who are actually of his ilk would say so and quit lying about the reason they oppose the President.

It’s his race, his colour, his pigmentation, and nothing else.

Why can’t they tell the truth? If they are strong enough to be bigots, they ought to be strong enough to admit to being bigots. Being a bigot and denying it just compounds the sin.

A bigot will go to hell, but a denying, lying bigot will get a really hot spot in the fires of hell.

Bear that in mind, y’all.
It is somewhat disturbing for the old curmudgeon every time he hears a leader of the Republican party come before the TV cameras to attack our government in the midst of an on-going foreign policy crisis with the potential for involvement of our national interests.

Senators McCain and Graham seem to be on the TV screens doing just that before the TV reporters have even read the last line of their copy.
And one has yet to hear either of these two say a kind work or make a favourable comment about what the U.S.A. is doing so long as it is being led by Barack Obama.

Being as old as we are, and that is older than either of these two fellows, we well remember when it was Republican doctrine strongly espoused by such statesmen as Sen. Arthur H. Vandenburg, long-time Republican Senator from Michigan, that partisan politics stopped “at the water’s edge.”

He, and his fellow Republicans, as well as their opposite numbers in the Democratic Party when the Administration was in Republican hands, recognized that Presidents were presidents of their country, not of their party. Hoover, Elsenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and both Bushes were presidents of the whole entire United States of America, not just the red states, and Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton were presidents of the whole entire United States of America, not just the blue states. And the same applies to Mr. Obama; he too is president of the whole entire United States of America, but you would never guess it from the language now used by the Republican partisans and their attack dog spokespersons.
Friends, have you looked at the calendar recently?

Unless this decrepit old mind is failing completely, the time has now passed during which the Big Corker promised us all that if the workers at the VW plant in Chattanooga voted against the United Auto Workers, he, Big Bob, could personally GUARANTEE us that the fine folks at Volkswagen would announce that their newest production plant would be built right here in the Volunteer State, in Hamilton County.

Well, Friends, have you seen it? Have you heard of it? Has there been any report of it?

The best we can tell, the answer to these questions is a resounding NO!

Next Question. Do you think Bob could have lied to us?

Do you think the answer to that question is a resounding YES?
You Betcha!

Bob Lied!

And Bob knew he was lying when he did it!
Mentioning Lying Bob’s virulent anti-unionism, he is, of course, not alone in this hatred of any organization devoted to looking out for the interests of working people.

And all his partisan GOP confreres. Billy Haslam, Lamar, Ronny Ramsey, et al. here in Tennessee are all on board, as well as most of the national GOP crowd.

Now, this strikes us as peculiar, if not downright bizarre, inasmuch as all these fine, loyal Republicans swear fealty to the memory of Ronald Wilson Reagan and all that for which he stood.

We’re all agreed on that principle, aren’t we?

Yet, this Ronald Wilson Reagan is the same man who was for most of his adult life a card-carrying union member!

Not only that — he was actually the president of his union’s local, and engaged in negotiations of their labour/management working contracts!
One would suggest that our Big Bob has some explaining to do, and that he should either retract some of his anti-union statements, or his pro-Reagan statements, one or the other, but with his record, he would just tell us some more lies, wouldn’t he?

After all, he’s Lying Bob!
We read a disturbing bit of news the other day where by it seems that the powers in control of Bryan College down in Dayton are planing to impose some sort of pledge or oath on all their employees, including their faculty and teaching staff, under which oath their religious beliefs are specifically delineated within strict fundamentalist boundaries to the exclusion of any scientific non-scriptural evidence as to our origins, development, etc.
We hope that sounder heads will prevail and this movement will get no further.

As that well known philosopher, the late Barney Fife, was wont to opine: “Nip it! Nip it in the bud!”

If the people who got themselves placed in charge of this institution of what shall henceforth be laughingly called an institution of higher learning want to believe in shamanism, or shintoism, or satanism, or join with Linus in believing in the Great Pumpkin, we care not, but not while calling themselves a college.

A college should define its mission certainly, but then justify its position by taking into its realm of consideration the entire universe of knowledge and exposing its matriculants to all such portions thereof as they choose to pursue.

Such pursuit should not be curtailed within boundaries set by those wearing blinders, nor pursued by the same.