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Quit aiding Moslem slaughter of Christians

Gentle reader, we hope that you had happy and healthy holidays and have entered the New Year with a good attitude and prosperous prospects for this to be a good year.
As stated in our notes for the last two weeks, we anticipated that several things would happen during the interval since our last opinion column, and sure enough thus it was, so here are some of our thoughts on events of the last month:
As this is written, the nation is preparing to observe just how the newly powerful Republican House of Representatives, with its large contingent of TEA party partisans, will go about fulfilling the campaign promises made in the last election.
As the constant reader knows, we have previously written that we believe they will live up to every one of their promises — everyone will have the job of their dreams, the economy will flourish, and life in Republican ruled America will make Heaven seem like living in a slum. So, hold out, and hold on, America, Nivana is just around the corner, isn’t it?
Gentle reader, we trust that you were as pleased with Governor-elect Haslam’s appointment of our own Jim Henry to serve in his cabinet as we were.
Jim is one of Roane County’s outstanding native products.
He has served both Kingston and the county in so many roles while continuing to pursue his private career in business. In addition to his local service, he has served on the state level in the legislature, and as leader of his political party.
It is especially gratifying that the new governor demonstrates by this appointment that he subscribes to some of the old-line Republican philosophy, which has all too often in recent days been repudiated by the new brand of, fire-eating, take-no-prisoners, make no compromises, right-wing radicalism of the New Right.
Jim Henry has always tried to be reasonable, to be responsive, and to be respectful towards all people, whatever their political affiliation, religion, economic situation, or social strata in life.
These fine qualities may well be what cost him his party’s nomination to be governor a few years ago when the rabid right first began to flex its partisan muscle in that party.
Had reasonableness and common sense played a greater role in that primary, and the Republican nominee been Jim Henry instead of Van Hilleary, the general election outcome might have been different, but, alas, as Omar the Tent-maker wrote: ‘The moving Finger writes, and having writ moves on; nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it...”
In any event, we congratulate Jim Henry and rest easy that he will do a good job in his new position, and we congratulate Governor-elect Haslam and hope that his administration continues the course indicated by his appointing of Jim Henry to his cabinet.
One of the things that has happened of some note and about which much has been said and written, is the opinion of the U.S. District Judge who held the “individual mandate” portion of the Obamacare bill to be unconstitutional.
It may strike some of our readers as unbelievable, but the liberal old curmudgeon, agrees with this decision.
We have not had an opportunity to read the opinion, so, as some times happens, the judge may have got to the right decision for the wrong reasons, but however that may be, he is absolutely right in ruling that the present mandate is unconstitutional.
However, the folks who filed this lawsuit, and won this aspect of it, should remember the old warning — “be careful what you wish for” — because, you see, the solution which will eventually occur to the slow-on-the-uptake crowd in the government is what has been called the “public option.”
This is because while the government certainly has no right, power, or authority to order any of us to go out and buy anything from a private business or individual, the government indisputably has the right, power, and authority to order any, or all, of us to participate in a governmental, public, plan.
This, after all, is the basis of Social Security. While the right wing despises it, and continues to try to sabotage it, as in their privatization schemes, etc., none has seriously suggested that the government lacked the power to institute the plan for “Old Age and Survivors Insurance,” the legal name for the Social Security plan.
Similarly, the government can just as easily create an “American Public Health Protection Insurance Plan.”
The private health insurance companies realized this and this realization was a major factor in their agreeing to support the president’s plan.
The one cautionary flag we see is the possibility that the Supreme Court as presently constituted in its abject worship of corporations may reverse the lower court’s ruling and allow the mandate to purchase insurance policies from their corporate buddies to be enforced.
After all, it would mean billions in profits for these companies and Justice Roberts and his merry band of worshippers at the altar of corporate power and profit will be hard pressed to say them nay.
Well, the campaign to kill Christians continues unabated in the Moslem world.
The latest outrage was the bombing of the Coptic church in Egypt in which so many folks, whose only crime was going to Mass during the holy days, were slaughtered.
Similar efforts to eradicate the faith occurred just a few days ago in Iraq. Others have been perpetrated in other parts of the Moslem world.
We do not know yet whether the poor woman who was charged with blasphemy in Pakistan for uttering Christian sentiments will in fact be stoned to death, but if she is not, there will no doubt be screaming protests in that country because she was not subject to this barbarous punishment for simply expressing Christian sentiments.
Yet we continue to borrow money to get the funds to pay our annual tribute to support these Christian eradicationist nations such as Egypt, Pakistan, and others of that ilk, and continue to uphold Saudi Arabia, the hotbed for so much of the radical Islamist terrorism and supporter of the murder of innocent Christians.
If the TEA partiers and their radical right cohorts really meant half of what they so loudly proclaim, they would stop this outrage of using our money to kill Christians immediately.