A VIEW from LICK SKILLET by Gerald Largen: Democratic primary candidates considered

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Time flies when you’re having fun, if we may coin a phrase.

Here it is, well into the popular “early voting’” season, and we have only covered about one-half of the choices to be made as we enter the voting place.

Last week, if you recall, we discussed the Republican candidates for the Third District House of Representatives seat, based upon the candidates’ appearance at the Tea Party forum.

But, we have not said anything about the Democratic candidates for that position.

One reason for this is the fact that we have not attended any forum or other speaking engagement for these two candidates.

However, the News Sentinel’s Voter Guide published in last Sunday’s paper appears to give a fair treatment of both candidates positions.

The two candidates are Mary M. Headrick and Bill Taylor.

Dr. Headrick is a physician with her medical degree from U.T. Health Science Center in Memphis, her master’s in science and bachelor’s in mathematics are both also from U.T.

Her prior work experience includes ORNL. as a computer analyst and teaching at Bearden Middle School in Knoxville.

Interestingly, her hobby is carpentry! She even built her own home.

(As a personal note, we may be prejudiced in favour of Dr. Headrick based upon the fact that while the old curmudgeon’s father was in the South Pacific fighting the Japanese, his mother undertook, with his nine-year old assistance, to build her own home, and succeeded, despite war-time shortages, restrictions, etc.)

She is married and has two sons.

Her statement of issues is three-fold:
She “wants to take money out of politics via a constitutional amendment to declare that, for election purposes, corporations are not people and money is not free speech.”

She also “favors a national defense that is not only about guns and soldiers, she says, but also about economic defense.”

And finally, she wants guarantees of clean air, water, and soil.

For those who are interested, there are many ways to contact the candidate, including telephone — 865/992-8375; two internet addresses — Mary@maryheadrick.com and www.maryheadrick.com.

For those who use them there are also Facebook — www.facebook.com/pages/Mary-M-Headrick/167083473398789 and Twitter @MaryMHeadrick.

The other candidate, 60-year-old Bill Taylor, lives in Chattanooga.

He is married and has two daughters and one son.

By profession he is a certified public accountant.

His education includes a bachelor’s degree from Southern Adventist University and an M.B.A. from Loyola University in Chicago, plus some post-graduate studies in managed care at Harvard.

He lists a hobby of regular firearms practice [Model 1911.45 automatic] at Shooters Depot in Chattanooga.

Like Dr. Headrick, his top issues are a threesome:
He “believes job creation can begin with additional funding to federal programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and completion of the locks at Chickamauga Dam.”

Naturally, being a CPA, he “wants to review deductions, preferences, exemptions and loopholes in the tax code to make the code more fair and increase tax receipts without raising rates.”

He “wants to make federal health care programs more efficient by requiring health and human services secretary to negotiate drug prices and building on reforms for health insurance industry.”

Like Dr. Headrick, Mr. Taylor has several means of contact including telephone — 423/593-1810, multiple internet addresses: candidate@taylorforcongress.org; taylorforcongress.org; Facebook — www.facebook.com/pages/Bill-Taylor-for-Congress/179221395516641 and Twitter — @BillTaylor3rd.

Thus it would seem that the Democrats have a choice between two successful professional people, young enough to retain their vigour, yet old enough (sixties) to have much life experience and judgment.

Our personal choice for the primary is Dr. Headrick, principally because she recognizes that one of our greatest dangers at the present time comes from the Supreme Court’s bizarre finding that corporations are people and spending money is free speech entitled to First Amendment protection.

We need all the warriors against this set of horrible ideas that we can muster.
The other contest is for the seat in the Senate presently held by Bob Corker.

There are seven Democrats vying for the seat — six men and one woman.

This woman is Park Overall, the well-known comedic actress from upper East Tennessee.

One might think that her principal qualification to run is her show business experience, but this is not so.

She has a well thought out platform, supporting traditional democratic (both little “d” and big “D”) positions on many of the issues facing the republic at this time.

For instance she supports pro-union legislation and big-business regulation.

Bob Corker, who entered the Senate with such great promise has failed to live up to that promise, and although he has shown an occasional flash of independent thought and action, all too often he has proven himself to be a mere party hack, following blindly the party line espoused by that great statesman, as he thinks he is, Mitch McConnell.

The calibre of the Senate would be immeasurably improved by the substitution of Park Overall for Bob Corker, in our opinion.

Her contact address on the internet is simple and succinct: parkfortn.com.
We don’t have room to write about the current brouhaha concerning Bishop Romney and Bain Capital, but hope to do so next week.

In the meantime, mayhap his fellow Republicans, like Haley Barbour, the Gov. of Alabama, and commentators, Kristal, George Will, and Matt Doud, will be able to convince him that he must come clean on his tax returns, but we doubt it.

There must be something awful hidden there, mustn’t there?