A view from Lick Skillet by Gerald Largen: Republic in danger from extortionate thugs

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We have, on occasion, opined that most governmental entities have become altogether too cozy with the “business community”.
Much of the time that criticism has been aimed at the federal government with all its lobbyist generated laws granting various favours to the giant corporations that have steadily gained more and more control over the national government.

Well, we have just learned of an outrageous raid on the Tennessee state treasury for the benefit of one huge corporation to the tune of “nearly $17 million,” as detailed in The Nashville Tennessean and picked up for reprinting in Monday’s Knoxville News Sentinel: It seems that just before General Motors crashed, three years ago, it received this nearly $17 million as a grant from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development “as part of the Fast Track incentive package that helped Tennessee bring production of the Chevy Traverse to GM’s Spring Hill plant, the grants were meant to train new workers who would hold down high-paying jobs for decades. But most of those jobs are no longer in Tennessee, as GM shifted production of the Traverse to Lansing, Mich., in 2009.”

As the headline on the article said: “Faltering GM collected state money for jobs, then left”.
This GM grant is, however, only one of many “incentive” payments from the state to private, for-profit businesses, which has run up to more than $250 million. And it is not the only one that didn’t accomplish what it was supposed to. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and Peterbilt Motors Co. got money but later laid off workers.
Although Calvin Coolidge, in a speech before the Society of American Newspaper Editors, once said: “The business of America is business,” shouldn’t it involve Good Business, especially when taking taxpayer money?
We had always understood that capitalism was based on using capitalists’ money to invest and ideally make a profit on, not tax money to finance their costs and absorb their losses.
Ah, well. It’s just another case of heads they win, tails we lose.
As this is written, it appears that the debt ceiling crisis has been resolved, at least for now, which allows an opportunity to reflect on some aspects of the same.
First of all; if this situation had occurred in the real world rather than on Capitol Hill, the entire membership of the Tea Party would have been indicted by some bright prosecutor for several criminal actions including extortion.
For the readers’ information, it is not only immoral and unethical, to threaten to do, or not do, something unless someone else does what you want them to do, even though they do not want to do it.
And it is especially heinous to hold something they value as hostage to apply pressure to get them to do what you want.
But our tea partiers don’t recognize the old rules of ethics, of morality, of law, or of patriotism. It is this last which makes them so bad.

They often label themselves as Tea Party Patriots, yet their primary aim is to destroy the government of the United States of America. Under the way everyone used to understand it, that is the very essence of un-patriotism, of un-Americanism, but no one in elective office will call their hand on this on the forlorn hope that this group of extortionists will vote for them in the next election, if they pussy-foot around and talk nice about them.
Well, they do not deserve to be talked nice about, or to.
We love this country, and we intend to do what we can to defend it.
Remember that a commonly taken oath says that we will defend the country against its enemies, foreign and domestic.

The Tea Party and all its adherents, apologists, supporters, sycophants, and sympathizers constitute just such a domestic enemy.
And they should be fought just as hard as we can before they get the opportunity to destroy our great government so that they can reformulate it along their un-American, un-Christian lines, deny us the benefits of over two and a quarter centuries of government of, by, and for the people, not of, by, and for the ignorant, uneducated, immoral, unethical, white-trash-with-money crowd that would take us not only to the brink, but over it, all the while, with destruction approaching, proclaiming with Scarlett’s Rhett — “Frankly, we don’t give a damn!”
Now that these hostage takers have proven that the good people will submit to their awful behaviour once again, the question arises as to what will be their next demand, and what will they promise to cripple or destroy unless we all submit to their outrageous demands?
To those few of us who remember our history, the ultimate goal of this bunch of wealthy, well-dressed thugs is the same as it has been since the times of their antecedents when they tried to stop Theodore Roosevelt and his Progressive allies who wanted to bring muscular Christian ideals into the public domain.
Their evil designs have continued through the intervening years up to the Great Depression, when they were simply overwhelmed by Theodore’s cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deal.

This reform and its popular support so wounded these evil people that it created a scar upon their soul, and set them and their off-spring on a never-ending crusade to undo each and every progressive step that made up the New Deal.
For years their efforts were met and forestalled, but as the years have passed and the public’s memories of the horrors of the Great Depression and its causes have faded, the mission of the anti-progressive thugs has become easier, and the people, who should have known better, have aided the thugs’ goals, by electing their thuggish allies.
The result has been such actions as the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act which Act would have greatly lessened the banking crisis which we are still suffering from.

And virtually every regulatory agency created in the ’30s has been seriously weakened and their regulations either repealed or curtailed, with serious adverse effects on the public weal.
But one New Deal programme that has so far proved virtually impervious to the thugs assaults has been Social Security, so that that is now probably the outstanding target of their efforts to dismantle the New Deal and all its progeny.
Just about every progressive act aimed at the amelioration of the conditions of the poor, or downtrodden, or protecting the environment or public health is under attack — from the Civil Rights Acts through the Environmental Protection Act, but Social Security bears the brunt of the attack.

So we can no doubt expect that one or more of these Acts will become the next hostage taken by the thugs in their war against the government.
Everyone with a speck of common sense should be able to see this, and should join the true patriots in their efforts to thwart the thugs in their pursuit of destruction of the national government, but unfortunately that is unlikely to happen until the devotees of destruction have accomplished a good deal more of their agenda. God Save the Republic from this advancing danger to its very existence!