A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Ladds in American: 360 years and counting

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By Gerald Largen

As we are approaching the end of this Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Thirteen, we would be remiss were we not to remind all of our fellow kinsmen who rightfully claim descent from John Ladd that this year marks the three hundred and sixtieth anniversary of his arrival on the shores of America, in the colony of Virginia, a short time prior to the 7th day of October, 1653.

While we have earlier arrivals, such as Capt./Dr./Burgess/Attorney Robert Ellyson who came to Saint Mary’s in the colony of Maryland before 1642, before moving to Virginia, and it is most likely that our Crew ancestors came to Virginia in the 1620s, John Ladd is the most easily identified with certainty, and traced, of all the family’s antecedents.

So, let us all, and we descendants of Founder John number in the thousands, commemorate his arrival and utter a brief expression of thanks to this hardy soul who started our familv in the New World and gave us the character and talents to survive and thrive in this land of America.

Thanks nine times great  Grandfather for your courage, your stamina, vour intellect, and your determination, for which we vour descendants are deeply and humbly grateful.

May we as a family conduct ourselves in a manner that pays honour to your memory for another 360 years.
Gentle reader, we have over the years discussed with you some of the more disturbing actions and beliefs of the 21st century Republicans, and each time we have thought, or at least hoped, that they had reached the very nadir of despicable actions, but in each case we were wrong, and they have moved further and further from the ideals established by the Man of Galilee in his various teachings.

Consistent with this pattern, they now, in this time of national feasting during Thanksgiving and culminating during the upcoming Christmas time, moved to deprive the poor and needy, principally children, of basic food sustenance by cutting for all, and eliminating for many, the nourishment they now have by virtue of the reduction of money for the food-stamp programme (a.k. SNAP).

It is, for those who truly believe in the teachings of Jesus of Nazarus, inconceivable that people who claim to believe in those teachings should deliberately deprive these of God’s children who will go hungry without this assistance, while themselves fattening their own bellies, feasting upon the fat of the land in this the most prosperous nation that ever existed upon the face of the earth.

But these right-wing zealots not only tolerate, but brag about these inhumane plans to introduce the joys of starvation to these poor, disadvantaged, and in some cases disabled people.

They are of the same mindset as their partisan predecessors of the Gilded Age who protested against all efforts to ameliorate the conditions of the poor, whether it be by restricting child labour, or work place safetv, or workers compensation for job-related iniuries.

(The connexion between these old-time malefactors or great wealth is clearly shown in Tennessee by the actions of our fabulously wealthy Republican Governor and his Republican General Assembly in their emasculating the Workers Compensation Laws, together with their refusal to accept the federal programme to expand Medicaid for the poor, despite the fact that in their pell-mell pursuit of punishment of the poor, they are endangering several community hospitals which would otherwise thrive under expanded Medicaid.)

We wonder how these people can enter a House of God on Sunday and put on a pious face, sing their hymns and pray their prayers when in their hearts they despise everything that the Lord Jesus taught us.
We sometimes share the feeling expressed by the late Harry Truman, who, when asked by Merle Miller whether he thought Richard Nixon had read the Constitution replied that he did not know, but that if Mr. Nixon had read the Constitution, he did not understand it.

So we feel that if these seventh day sanctified, six day sinning Republicans have read the Holy Bible, especially the teachings of Jesus Christ, they did not understand it, or rather choose not to understand it.

If they did, they might recall that when the Lord fed the multitudes, he gave them the food, he didn’t charge them for it.

If these people really were Christians and believed the Christian message they would fight fang and claw any effort to deprive poor people of their basic food needs, not only on our great feast days of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but every day of the year.
Longtime readers will recall that we have no particular fondness for the Roman Catholic Church, in view of the fact that had they not been fleet of foot, our French Huguenot ancestors would have been massacred by that church because of their Protestant faith.

But, if the modern Roman Catholic Church pays heed to their newly elected Pontiff, Pope Francis, our attitude toward that church will be significantly softened, for this humble apostle already expounds a theology that reflects a great deal of the lessons of Jesus Christ as to the plight of the poor, underprivileged, downtrodden masses.

We can only hope that his church can humble itself enough to follow the path he is laying out for them.
The national and international scene has been concerned with numerous things over the past few weeks, including the Syrian poison gas situation, the Iranian nuclear situation, the possible agreement with Afghanistan over our troop withdrawal, the Pakistan troubles and various other rumbling in the Near and Middle East, which causes us to wonder once again if it wouldn’t be better for the World, and the USA in particular, were we to quit devoting so much time, effort, blood and treasure to this whole area and focus instead on the rest of the globe.

After all, if you really think about it in a dispassionate, level-headed manner, what state, nation or government can you name that has a substantial Moslem population that has a peaceful, prospoerous, democratic government and a stable, cooperative, inclusive population?

Every one we can think of is in the throes of some sort of Islamic unrest and bloodletting.

They have been fighting and killing each other since 600 A.D., or thereabouts and we see no signs of this condition abating any time soon, so why don’t we let them duke it out without any interference from us?