Voting for person – not party – best course of action

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Recent newscasts were terrible. There were complaints from hospitals about having to re-admit senior patients to hospitals.

Some senior patients have mini-strokes and maybe in a week have another. It makes me shudder.

One day the Democrats are blaming the Republicans, and the Republicans are blaming the Democrats.

I do not consider myself being either. I have to vote more for the person instead of the party. I have voted for a Democrat and also for a Republican in the same election for different folks.

Gerald Largen’s recent column asked for votes for Dr. Mary Headrick.

I try to vote for the one I think would do a better job.

I try to take their morals as part of my decision.

Sorry to be so long winded.

I have four great-grandchildren and shudder to think of their future.

Jewell Davis