War hawks need to think of fighting’s impact

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In fall, raptors begin their annual migration to the warmer weather of the southern states.
But that centuries-old pattern has now apparently been interrupted by a single event in the Middle East; abruptly diverting the ‘War Hawks’ toward Washington … D.C., that is.

U.S. Sen. John McCain, old “Bomb, bomb, bomb…bomb, bomb Iran,” is in full flight and on national TV agonizing over the heinous attack on our diplomatic mission in Libya.

Once again the hawk has fallen prey to the oldest trick in the terrorist’s book — use a surprise attack by a few to draw the giant military industrial machine of the United States into yet another war in the shifting sands of the Middle East.  

Our radical right’s reaction to the attack in Benghazi by Al Qaeda is another example of how gullible some U.S. hawks are!

Bin Laden said he would bleed the U.S. into financial ruin by pulling us into endless, unwinnable regional conflicts.

And here we go again!

Grab your wallets, middle class Americans — you’ll be getting the bill! Tighten your belts and drop your standard of living!

Perhaps the proper course of action is to consider what is best for the United States and leave our hyper-inflated egos out of the process.

Iran is a perfect example of a good policy shared with our NATO partners that is forcing that country’s economy into its own fiscal crisis.

The result is a request from their leader to negotiate directly with the leader of the United States.

No war, no loss of life, no new enemies made — except of course, the military-industrial complex and its Tea Party partners.

Whoever wins the presidential election on Nov. 6 should use means other than war to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weaponry into countries with unstable governments such as now exists in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, et al.

Calm down, America!

You are too powerful to chase after everyone who tosses a pebble at you. You are the only elephant in the room – it is the other guests who should respect YOUR power. We show our weakness of spirit and lack of confidence when we over-react to small provocations, however evil.              

B.J. Gillum