Wartburg hosts football camp

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By The Staff


Morgan County News

WARTBURG—Football in June was a reality last week in Wartburg. Bulldog head coach Dan Shoemaker put on the first Wartburg Football Camp with a week of football fundamentals.

“We had a lot of fundamental work. We had 18 kids and we had six coaches, so you do the coaching ratio that is three kids per coach. You get a lot of work done that way. We did a lot of work on stances, starts, blocking, form tackling, and angle tackling. We did a lot of the basics to get the kids better,” said Shoemaker.

During the week of camp, players learned a lot of the technique and plays the high school team is using.

“We basically showed them our stuff, because that is what we’re teaching. If they learn it at the level that is a great thing, but it is all basic football,” said Shoemaker.

“The kids have worked really hard since they’ve been here.”

One thing that Shoemaker really liked about the camp was getting to know some of the kids that will eventually play at Wartburg. It gave them an opportunity to see how he coaches and to familiarize them with the facilities and the program.

“I went down and watched the little league play last year, and now I’m starting to put the names and faces together. That is a good thing for us as coaches, and it is also a good thing for the kids to get used to the way things are here. They’re practicing with our stuff, they’re working out of our fieldhouse, they’re sitting in our team room watching video, so they feel like they are a part of it,” said Shoemaker.

Shoemaker had a lot of help from his coaching staff and current players to help make the camp a success.

“The coaching staff, Coach Cochran, Coach Ellison, Coach Heidel, Coach Poole, Coach Nelson, and Chad Sills has been out here helping. The older guys have been out here helping with the young kids. We’ve had lots of good help,” said Shoemaker.

Plans are to put on an even better camp next year.

“We’re going to do the same thing next year We hope to have more kids, and hopefully it will be even better,” Shoemaker added.

Kids that participated in the 2008 Wartburg football camp include: Christopher Henes, Wess Brown, Tyler Harris, Alexander Bunch, Westley Mehlhorn, Seth Long, Jacob Henes, Thomas Carroll, Dalton Jones, Keitel Harris, Jordan Williams, Keeton Mathis, Noah Harris, Zachary Layne, Matthew Hunter Jackson, Andrew Shoemaker, Cameron Pennington and Jacob Carroll.