Where is all that hot air really coming from?

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As an unemployed teacher, I spend my days waiting by the phone for one of Toni McGriff’s principals to call seeking me to help the Roane County school system improve their achievement-test scores and correct the extreme gender-ratio imbalance among the teachers in our K-8 grade schools.

Only about 15 percent of teachers in our K-8 grade schools are males. About 7 percent of the men are regular classroom teachers, while the remaining 8 percent are coaches and/or physical education teachers. Therefore, about 85 percent of the teachers in our K-8 grade schools are women.

It appears that the school board doesn’t see a problem with this gender imbalance among classroom teachers and has no intention of enacting a hiring policy to correct this problem.

As a result of this extreme gender imbalance, many students won’t have a positive male role model in their lives, and many of our boys will continue to be “feminized” by our education system.

Since no principals want my services as a competent and confident male teacher in their school at this time, I thought I would take this opportunity to use my teaching talent and knowledge to educate Gerald Largen and his readers about man-caused global warming.

I am not a scientist or a certified meteorologist, but I did spend almost 25 years working in the aviation industry, and during that time I was certified by the National Weather Service as a weather observer.

I have also studied atmospheric science in college.

When Mr. Largen says it “is universally known that the gases we are releasing by burning carbon-based fuels is a major factor” in global warming, he is repeating a lie!

The fact is that man’s activities are not responsible for a majority of greenhouse gases that exist in the atmosphere.

In his movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore admits that 96 percent of all global warming greenhouse gases are emitted by the oceans.

This leaves 4 percent. Almost 2 percent of greenhouse gases are produced by natural land-locked events, such as methane leaking from the ground. Out of the remaining 2 percent of greenhouse gases, man produces only about 14 percent of that number with his manufacturing, transportation, farming and power generation activities.

Most scientists agree that the flatulence of the 2 billion grazing animals around the world produces more greenhouse gases than the activities of man!

The pollution that man spews into the atmosphere is just a drop in the bucket compared to the other natural greenhouse gas producers.

Water vapor, the most significant greenhouse gas, comes from natural sources and is responsible for about 95 percent of the greenhouse effect. (Have you ever experienced uncomfortably high humidity in the summer months?)

Our world produces huge amounts of greenhouse gases naturally such as carbon dioxide because trees and plants need this gas to live just as humans need the oxygen that trees produce in order to live.

The Earth is getting warmer. Global temperatures began to rise in 1996 and have continued to rise slightly every year until the year 2000.

From 2001-09, summer temperatures have been cooler but this year the heat returned with a vengeance! While the Earth is getting hotter, so is the moon, Venus and Mars, according to observations by NASA scientists.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge the real evidence about global warming and are determined to waste our tax money and destroy our industry in an effort to fix something that can’t be fixed.

If Mr. Largen is getting too hot down on his Lick Skillet lake lot, I suggest that he plant more trees. Trees are nature’s air conditioners, and they consume vast amounts of carbon dioxide gas.

The only thing we can really do about the high temperatures caused by increased solar activity is to pray to God about it!

While I do agree with a few of the opinions of Mr. Largen, much of what he says in his columns is simply propaganda intended to brainwash those who are too lazy to do the research themselves.

I urge Mr. Largen’s readers to do their own fact-based research rather than believe everything they hear about global warming, or they can just trust me on this matter because I am a teacher!

David Britt