Where's your property tax bill?

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By Damon Lawrence

Property owners anxiously awaiting their new tax bills will have to wait a little while longer.

Roane County Trustee Wilma Eblen said she doesn’t expect notices to be sent out before Thanksgiving.  

“We’re telling the people who call that once we get the notices we’ll try to get them in the mail as soon as possible,” Eblen said. “That’s all we can tell them.”

Eblen said a lot of the callers own property in Roane County, but live out of state.

“Those people have called and asked has it been lost in the mail,” she said.

Eblen said once her office receives the notices, her staff will have to do some preparation before she puts them in the mail.

“We will need to check and make sure that to the best of our knowledge everything is there that needs to be there and that we have everything put in the right place that it needs to be put,” she said. “We have some in-house work that will have to be done before those are put in the mail, but we’re going to do it as soon as we can.”

In normal years the notices would have been sent out by now, but this year’s epic reappraisal caused a lot of delays.

The Roane County Commission didn’t even adopt the tax rate until last month.

At the Nov. 8 commission meeting, Roane County Property Assessor Teresa Kirkham told commissioners notices had not gone out because Rockwood had yet to approve its tax rate. The city did so this week.  

The deadline for property owners to pay without penalty is Feb. 28.

Eblen inquired to the state if the deadline could be extended because of the delay.

John Allen, a staff attorney with the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office, informed her in an e-mail that’s not allowed.   

“I really don’t see any reason in asking again because he already told me that’s it,” Eblen said.