Who is misleading whom, writer asks of the Tea Party

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The letters from Tea Partiers Gary Johnston and Linda Wimberley are fine examples of why the American public now thinks more highly of Muslims and atheists than they do of the Tea Party.

Linda’s defense of Gary’s union hypocrisy was a staggering example of intentionally missing Gerald Largen’s point and misrepresenting him in order to deliver a personal attack.

If you have to lie to make your case, you have no case.

Say what you will of Gerald opinions, his facts are facts.

Gerald did not in any way denigrate Gary’s profession as Linda falsely claimed. Gerald did, however, point out that Gary is now living on his policeman’s pension that was won for him by his former union and has health care thanks to the collective bargaining of his former union.

Having gotten his own perks and benefits, Gary is now working as hard as he can to destroy his former union and the right to collectively bargain for all those who follow him in his noble profession.

Wouldn’t a man who lives on a government pension who now believes government pensions and benefits are wrong demonstrate the worthiness of his beliefs by giving up his pension?

Or are we seeing a virulent and nasty hypocrisy at work here?

The Tea Party attacks on the Tennessee Education Association prove they don’t really believe their claim that “government is the problem.”

(Hypocrisy alert: Linda was working as a substitute teacher for more than minimum wage at the time she authored one of those attacks.)

Look, unions would not exist if employers always treated their workers fairly and decently.

The 40-hour work week, paid vacations, health care, the weekend, the minimum wage, child labor laws, and Gary Johnston’s pension would not exist without collective bargaining.

How can a sane and rational person believe that “government is the problem” and at the same instant be working to destroy our teachers union, which is the one tool they have to protect themselves from the government?

If you believe that you can help someone fight the enemy by taking away their sword, you are not just a hypocrite — you’re nuts!

Steve Scarborough