Who pays for TVA lawsuit damages? You get one guess

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I’d like to comment on the Dec. 21 newspaper article concerning new lawsuits against TVA for the ash spill.
I thought it was pretty well established that property values actually increased, some more than 100 percent, after the spill, according to our state and local officials.
It was also said sales were good on 2009. The TV airways are absolutely bombarded with commercials urging viewers to hire “them” to get “them” what “they” “deserve.”
Some commercials even have heavenly music in the background.
Considering the frequency of these commercials, someone is doing a good business.
I can’t tell you who deserves compensation for anything, but I can tell you who is going to pay in most cases, and who the winners and losers are.
Sue TVA — these folks keep right on getting their paychecks and bonuses, and everyone who pays an electric bill will pay for the lawsuit damages and other fees awarded.
Sue that ol’ “rich” insurance company; they keep right on getting their percentage for handling claims, and guess who pays?
You, the policy holder, and on and on it goes.
So now you know who the losers are, and I’ll let you guess who the winners are.
We are our own worst enemies.
I wonder who is actually paying for all these commercials?
Just think, if I could afford a bigscreen TV, I could watch them all in style.
Norman Campbell