Why buy goods from abroad that are dangerous to us?

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Arsenic in our food?

I was watching the news this morning, and I wasn’t surprised to hear that there was something in our food that didn’t belong there.

They were talking about apple juice but all the food we buy has changed drastically in the last 40 years.

When I was young fresh produce was a lot different than it is now. Fresh corn on the cob usually had some imperfections in it.

It wasn’t unusual to find worms in any kind of fresh produce. We just picked them out and kept on eating.

The fresh food we buy now looks just like the pictures in a magazine. I’m sorry but that’s not natural.

Some of it is from improved pesticides and some is due to genetic engineering.

Our farmers want the greatest yield per acre and they have a lot of rules and regulations to comply with.
I think they do a fantastic job.

Our government is preoccupied with world trade and terrorism. They don’t care if the imported goods we buy are grown in sewage or treated with DDT or arsenic or anything else.

A large part of the world is starving and we raise more food than we need. Why do we let foreign countries sell us their junk?

The Chinese sell us sheetrock that is so contaminated it will corrode copper pipe and wiring.

I suppose it’s better to sell your contaminated waste than to dispose of it. Just ask the TVA about the Kingston ash spill.

The Vietnamese sell us fish that are grown in raw sewage. That’s probably cheaper than treating their sewage; just sell it to the U.S.

They’ll buy any thing if it is a few cents a pound cheaper!

We cannot continue to assume that our government cares about us.

It is up to us to question where the stuff we buy comes from.

I would love to shop at a store that only sold American products.

If we want to compete in the global economy we need to have two standards, just like. they do — one for export and another one for domestic sales.

Fritz Stevens