Why do the innocent people have to pay?

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I was disappointed to hear that Harriman has passed an ordinance to restrict the sale of cold and allergy medicine containing pseudoephedrine.

Why is it that for every social ill, it is the innocent and honest citizens who have to pay?  

We are creating a culture of laws that penalizes the innocent masses for the crimes of the minority.  

This is not a good trend.

If we are serious about going after Tennessee’s meth problem, then we need to focus on the true culprits of these crimes and give teeth to laws that target them without punishing law-abiding Tennesseans.  

Prescription mandates for medicine containing pseudoephedrine do not accomplish this.  

Even the proponents of such laws admit that they won’t limit meth use. 

Yet local elected officials insist on burdening law-abiding citizens with additional costs, including expensive doctors’ visits, for negligible benefit.

We here in Roane County need to understand that we’re being duped into thinking that a prescription mandate for pseudoephedrine will solve the meth problem.  

It won’t.

Gary Johnston