Why so many helicopters lately?

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By Cindy Simpson

An increase in helicopters in the area isn’t cause for alarm.Some are TVA helicopters doing storm-damage assessments.

“I’ve confirmed that the helicopters that you have seen have been flying the region to assess storm damage on the TVA transmission system,” said Barbara Martocci, a TVA spokeswoman.

On Wednesday many people noticed some low-flying helicopters along the waterways of Watts Bar.

Last week’s storms ravaged the Southeast, doing considerable damage in many areas and taking hundreds of lives. The storm largely missed Roane County but hit harder in surrounding communities.

Military helicopters, may also have been seen.

Rockwood Airport manager Danny Collins said this is the route they take to the East Coast.

Whether they are part of heightened security because of Osama bin Laden’s killing could not be confirmed by presstime.