Will Donald Trump become the next Howard Hughes?

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Finally, someone who uses more hand gestures than Ted Cruz!

The Donald held sway at the pinnacle as centerpiece of the first real Republican Party presidential debate.

It was as entertaining as informative. Rand Paul faltered badly as a definite one-note candidate and left no doubt that he is a different kind of Republican and one who has no place at the helm of this great nation.

Too, Sen. Cruz of Texas has staked a claim on the term “Washington Cartel,” blaming the machinations of that ghostly entity for all that ails the federal government; a hardly credible thought.

Two down!

At center stage, Donald Trump stood trumpeting his talents and billions with half sentences and half-baked ideas that rendered him the poster boy for “crude.”

Three down?

But he did bring millions of viewers into the viewing audience. If that was his sole intention, he succeeded.

If he intended to build his credibility as a contender for the Republican presidential nomination, he failed miserably.

I just hope that he does not end his days as did Howard Hughes; a very accomplished man who became a sad, reclusive billionaire with bad hair in a lonely tower.

B.J. Gillum