Wilson new to Walmsley’s Kingston dental practice

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Dr. James Walmsley Jr. welcomes an associate, Dr. Bruce Wilson, to his Kingston dental practice to offer full service dentistry in one location.

Walmsley has focused on restorative and cosmetic dental procedures and has typically referred out most surgical cases to specialists in Oak Ridge and Knoxville.

“I'm so glad to be able to offer these services to patients here in one office,” he said. “People don't like the drive; it’s so much more convenient to offer most everything right here in our office now.”

Wilson enjoys the surgical aspect of general dentistry. He has practiced full service dentistry in North East Arkansas for 15 years.

“I stopped counting after taking out 10,000 teeth,” he said.

Wilson will perform most root canals and extractions. He will also place most implants to replace single or multiple missing teeth as well as use implants and mini-implants to help secure dentures in Walmsley’s Ladd Landing office.

“It will be so much more convenient and cost effective for patients to be able to have root canal therapy or teeth extracted or an implant placed in one office here in Kingston,” Wilson said. “Instead of going to Knoxville or Oak Ridge to have these conditions investigated or treated further, they can just walk down the hall.”

Wilson also practices oral sedation dentistry to treat those who have problems with dental anxiety and sees emergency patients.

“Dr. Wilson is such a great match for our office because working in a rural area, he’s taken care of most all of his own surgeries and root canals,” Walmsley said. “He is very competent in all his procedures, and patients have noticed and even say so. He is so personable and relates well to everyone, staff and patients alike.”

Walmsley will continue to practice general and cosmetic dentistry such as crowns, veneers, bleaching, bridges, dentures, tooth-colored fillings and smile makeovers while Wilson focuses on surgical aspects of general dentistry, such as root-canal therapy, extractions and placing implants to replace single or multiple missing teeth and implants and mini-implants that can secure dentures.

“Dr. Wilson believes in taking good care of his patients so with his skills, interests, personality, and similar philosophies he was a perfect match for our office,” Walmsley said. “I've known Dr. Wilson since 1992, so I know he does an exceptional job with patients.”

Both Walmsley and Wilson are accepting new patients and may be reached at 376-9687 Monday through Thursday.