Wonders where coin purse went in commotion

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I got sick on Dec. 3, 2009.  
The Roane County Ambulance service came and got me.
I had a coin purse hooked to my T-shirt, and now nobody knows what happened to it.
It had money and two pairs of antique earrings in it. By the time I got to Roane Medical Center, they had cut my clothes off.
No one would ever tell me what happened to them. The ambulance service never turned the clothing over to the hospital.
The hospital checked; it wasn’t there.
It has left a big question in my mind. If you can’t trust the people who pick you up to do right, who can you trust?
I hope whoever got my coin purse enjoyed it. I sure could have used it when I came home. But someone else got to.
I thought they had to take an oath. But apparently not. Has this happened to anyone else?
Makes you wonder who you can trust and who you can’t.
Brenda Isham