Working meth labs found in Harriman

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By Damon Lawrence

A house on Old Roane Street in Harriman was put under quarantine and a woman was arrested last week after police said several “one-pot” meth labs were discovered there.
Casey Mills, 19, is charged with manufacture, sale or delivery of methamphetamine.

According to the warrant, police were dispatched to 1637 Old Roane Street after the landlord claimed he found a meth lab behind the storage building.
Officer Brian D. Turner said he observed an odor commonly associated with meth-making when he stepped inside the house.
“After getting all persons outside the residence, I then found in the back of the residence in plain view next to the storage building a backpack containing several items associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine,” the warrant said.
In addition to meth-making items, the warrant said, the backpack also contained a gram of white powder that field tested positive for meth.
Turner said he and Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy John Mayes found more evidence, including two active one-pot labs, iside the house.
“We also located a set of digital scales, three non-active one-pot labs, needles, Mason jars, approximately 10-feet of rubber tubing, more coffee filters and five gas generators.”
Mills was decontaminated and taken to jail. She’s scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 28.