Writer looks for earthquake like one that created Reelfoot

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I was  reading the Sept. 14 edition of the Roane County News. The part that interested me was the article on “Earthquake danger still a question.”

The professor in the article does not know his facts. Between mid-December 1811 and mid-March 1812, Tennessee experienced the massive earthquake that created Reelfoot Lake.

I have no clue where he got his information, but he is wrong.

It was so bad some of the tremors was felt all the way to Quebec City, Canada.

I just wanted to voice this because Tennessee sits on a major fault line.

It has been 199 years since this has happened, and history usually repeats itself.

So, this December until March 2012, we’ll probably see another one.

God help us if we do.

The fault line is also why Tennessee  is experiencing sink holes but, they keep blaming that on the rain.
Jessica Lemons