Writer takes issue with Democrats on many issues

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When people jump on the ignorance of the Supreme Court, they should wear a light shoe.

Three sitting judges (including the last two) were appointed by Democratic presidents and Senate.

Justice Ruth Ginsberg told officials in Egypt that they should look at the Constitutions of other countries such as South Africa and Canada as a model because ours isn’t relative to today.

I will agree that this judge, appointed by Clinton, is stupid. I also agree that Justice Kegan should recluse herself from any review of health care matters.

Gentle Reader, before anyone starts a conversation about sexual deviancy or marriage vows of Republicans, let’s look first in the other direction.

President Kennedy had sex with a 19- year-old and a movie star among many others. Barney Frank had sex with his limo driver, who ran a male prostitution ring. Clinton had his Monica.

The New York Attorney General, the Weiner man from New York and how about Jesse Jackson? Even Carter admitted to immoral thoughts after looking through a Playboy Magazine.

If the president doesn’t agree with the way political contributions are collected (only $32,500 for a “meet and greet” with him), he should agree not to use any of the millions his party has stashed away.

The unions could keep their money and both sides could write humongous checks to the Treasury, run their campaigns on $75 million in public funds and be done!

Kind person, The Tampa Bay Times, (who never met a conservative it did not hate) in its January Politifact column stated that the biggest “Lie of the Year 2011” was the Democrats’ claim that Republicans voted to end Medicare.

They found nine factual inaccuracies. Some were so blatantly wrong they were branded as “Pants on Fire.”

It is amazing what a little honest research can find.

Ray Huckeby
Mead, Neb.