Y-12 historical bulletins available electronically

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Life in the 1940s at Y-12 — there are those who worked there during the war years, but there are many more who didn’t and want to know what it was like then.

Now, they can do that by checking out the recently updated Y-12 History website and reading actual Y‑12 Bulletins from the 1940s.

Coordinated by Jennifer Dixon, B&W Y-12’s National Historic Preservation Act coordinator, and Y-12 historian Ray Smith, this project creates online scanned copies of bulletins chronicling Y‑12 history.

“I wanted the scans to be readable online so that the articles could actually be read as they were accessed,” Dixon said.

Y‑12 Photography ensures reproductions of each available issue.

“Four blue books at the Y‑12 History Center are more often perused than any others,” Smith said. “They contain a few of Y‑12 Bulletins from the early 1970s. These items have become popular with visitors because of the photographs and articles about people who worked here then that they recognize. Our history is largely about the people, and folks are most often attracted to photographs of people they know.”

Issues of the Y‑12 Bulletins are available at www.y12.doe.gov/about/history/. The bulletins go from May 1947-December 1960. More issues will be added as they are scanned.

“We’re missing bulletins from the 1950s,” Smith said. “If you have copies from this time period or any other, please call me” at 865-576‑7781.