You can benefit from supporting Dunn Center

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Do you realize how fortunate you are to live in Roane County?  

Not only do our citizens have the benefit of a new, first-class hospital to treat people with a multitude of illnesses, but we also have the Michael Dunn Center to care for people with a multitude of disabilities.  

The Michael Dunn Center provides services for more than 300 people each day, and is one of the largest employers of trained personnel in Roane County.

The services provided by the Michael Dunn Center continue to grow, and so does their budget.  In order for these services to be continued in years to come, a financial reserve fund needs to be established now.  

It is for that reason the center is soliciting contributions from the public.  This may be in the form of straight donations and/or various forms of planned giving, including contributing through personal wills and charitable gift annuities.  

In the latter, arrangements are made for contributing appreciated stock, real estate or like items of value, with the donor receiving an immediate tax deduction and periodic regular dividends of 4-8 percent of the value of the donation depending upon the age(s) of the donor.

Donors through the charitable gift annuity giving plans are members of the Michael Dunn Legacy Foundation.  My wife and I are charter members.

We gave a block of appreciated stock and receive an annual payment of about 8 percent of the stock value.  This is certainly greater than would be received as a dividend paid by any financial institution. 

Thus, both the Michael Dunn Center and we benefit.

We have long been supporters of the Michael Dunn Center, particularly their adult works programs for our son who has been “employed” there for more than 25 years.  His late wife was also employed there.

Will you become a supporter of the Michael Dunn Center?

If you would take a tour of their facilities, you will be amazed at the functions carried out by and for disabled persons.  

For more information, call Wade Creswell at 376-3416, Ext. 207, to learn about planned giving programs and to arrange for a tour of the facilities.  

You will then realize how fortunate you are to live in Roane County.

Martin Skinner