A choir of angels fronts “the religious side” of outdoor Christmas decorations at Michael Walden’s home, known in Rockwood as “The Christmas House.” He said former owner Cotton Human made his wishes very clear that Christmas (Santa and whimsical decorations) would be located on one side of the property, and the Nativity-related décor would be placed separately.
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like CHRISTMAS

Michael Walden is keeping up a long-time Christmas tradition, but he is not alone – he has a nearly 40-year-old blueprint to follow.

Walden is the current owner of Rockwood’s famous “Christmas House” on Wheeler Street.

He purchased the home in 2014 from Cotton Human, who had decorated his entire yard with a plethora of lighted Christmas décor for years.

This tradition gave the house its name, and has been one children – and adults – eagerly anticipate every year.