GOOSE LINDSAY/Roane Newspapers
Lee Wyrick, left, and son, Lee Wyrick Jr., address those in attendance at LaCroix House last week. The Wyricks are family members of Michael Wyrick, who recently moved into the home from Greene Valley Center near Greeneville. Though the Wyricks live in Roane County, Michael has spent the majority of his life at state-operated Greene Valley.

Michael Dunn Center’s newly remodeled LaCroix House was recently reopened, and last Friday the facility welcomed its newest occupant.

Michael Wyrick moved in from Greene Valley Center in Greeneville. His move is part of a state plan to close all state-run institutions, moving everyone into community-based housing.

“You will be pleased with the care he gets and the love he gets,” Roane County Commission Chairman Ron Berry told Michael’s family during a ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked his arrival.