KAITLIN KEANE/Roane Newspapers
Lania Ferrante works on one of her homemade piñatas at her Kingston home. Ferrante has been crafting these colorful party favors since she was a young child growing up in Costa Rica. “People love them, but they don’t know what to do with them,” she said.
Piñata Pride: Ferrante crafts colorful party centerpieces

Festive colors and fun-filled parties aren’t complete without a centerpiece.

For Lania Ferrante, a piñata was the focal point of a party in her native Costa Rica.

She’s trying to encourage Roane Countians to also enjoy the party item.

“That is the main attraction at any party, adults and little kids,” said Ferrante.

In her Kingston home, Ferrante makes elaborate piñatas for parties in the area.

It’s catching on, but she said using piñatas is really still a novelty here.