Local News

  • Ambassadors give new look to Boys & Girls Club

    Boys & Girls Club of Roane County attendees found a different building when they returned to the club last Friday afternoon.

    Thanks to donations from Lowe’s Home Improvement Store and dedicated volunteers from the Roane County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, the club got a needed facelift, with new paint, new shelving, counters and other storage space and new supplies.

    “I’m forever grateful,” said Director Zack McFarland.

  • DA welcomes Sessions’ stiffer federal guidelines

    Roane Countians who get convicted in federal court could face stiff sentences. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a memo to all federal prosecutors last week directing them to “charge and pursue the most serious readily provable offense.”

  • Estranged husband said to wield axe handle in fight

    Harriman police arrested a man who was reportedly swinging an axe handle in an altercation near Little Caesars on Roane Street.

    Jerry Butler II, 45, of 905 Unaka St., Harriman, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault, three counts of reckless endangerment and vandalism in the Monday fracas.

    Jerry Griffin told police Butler struck him with an axe handle in an altercation that drew onlookers from nearby area businesses.

  • Hospital security guard disarms man

    A Roane Medical Center security guard was able to convince a Lancing man to give him his gun on Friday afternoon after the man allegedly threatened to kill his wife.

    Harriman police identified the man as Jason Byrge. No  age was available at press time.

    “The hospital security actually disarmed him before we got there,” said Harriman Police Lt. Jarrod Whitson. “He was actually in the car with the gun, not walking around.”

    Byrge allegedly made threats while talking to the guard.

  • Clinch reactor meetings today

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is scheduled to hold two public meetings today – Monday – on TVA’s early site permit application for the Clinch River site.

    The meetings will be at the Pollard Technology Conference Center Auditorium at 210 Badger Ave., Oak Ridge.

    The first meeting is scheduled from 1 to 4 p.m.; the second meeting is scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m.

    TVA has expressed interest in deploying a small modular reactor at the Clinch River site.

  • On a big KICK

    A group of Bowers Elementary School third, fourth and fifth graders are getting fit to benefit others.

    Harriman Police Chief Derek Pacifico and some of his staff joined the youth for a rousing game of kickball to earn even more points in UNICEF’s Kid Power program, which has youngsters tracking their fitness activities with UNICEF Kid Power bands in order to send therapeutic food packages to kids in need.

  • Ex-employee files suit against Omni Visions

    Omni Visions is being sued by a former employee who claims she was retaliated against for reporting allegations of sexual misconduct and TennCare fraud at the company’s facility in Roane County.

    Harriman resident Vickie Davis filed the lawsuit last week in Roane County Circuit Court.

    Omni Visions operates Roane Academy, which houses teenage boys for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. Roane Academy is located in the Roane County Industrial Park.

  • The hidden CHILD

    Holocaust survivor Sonja Dubois was relatively untouched by the Nazi Germany atrocities that killed roughly 11 million people more than 70 years ago.

    There are three kinds of survivors noted today: those who lived through or escaped concentration camps like Auschwitz, often still bearing the numbers tattooed on their arms, as well as refugees, a word Dubois noted is often heard today, describing people who sought refuge in other countries.

  • Eight votes needed to green light school plan

    Roane County Commission Chairman Ron Berry is a fan of the most recent high school plan approved by the Roane County Board of Education.

    “I think it’s a very progressive move,” he said. “I think it’s one that’s going to give our county energy and put us on a track to be competitive with our kids in surrounding counties.”

  • Murder-for-hire suspect to go to trial on Nov. 28

    The woman accused of trying to have the father of her minor son killed has a trial date.

    Laura Ann Buckingham is tentatively scheduled to stand trial on Nov. 28 in Roane County Criminal Court.

    She’s charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

    The alleged victim is Bradley Sutherland. Buckingham allegedly hired a hitman to have Sutherland killed because she was upset about having to travel from Roane County to Indiana once a week so Sutherland could have visitation with their son.