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  • Unsteady drug suspect keeps officers on toes

    Courtney Stevens Roddy had trouble standing when he was being detained by police at the Rocky Top on Bluff Road on May 28.

    Roddy, 32, passed out and hit his head on the pavement.

    Police took off his handcuffs and called for help. A Roane County ambulance and a Kingston Fire Department crew responded.

    He was treated for bleeding from his head.

  • Commissioner’s DUI video not released

    The Tennessee Highway Patrol has declined a request to release video of Roane County Commissioner Greg Ferguson’s March 2 traffic stop in Midtown.

    “It is evidence and subject to discovery,” Lt. Bill Miller said. “Also, we cannot release until it has been adjudicated because we cannot risk tainting a possible jury.”

    Ferguson was charged with DUI following the traffic stop.

    Trooper Alexander Evans said he smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Ferguson’s vehicle.

  • Swan Pond ballfields being readied

    Children could soon start playing on the new ballfields TVA has constructed in the Swan Pond community.

    Roane County Executive Ron Woody said the county could take possession of the fields within 60 days.

    “We’ve been working with them over there, watching what they’ve been doing and how they’re doing it,” Woody said.

    Last week, workers were still putting down sod on the new fields.  

  • Certified tax rate ‘60 days out, at best’

    The fiscal year for Roane County ends on June 30.

    When the county might adopt a budget for the new one is still unclear.

    “We’re not going to be able to adopt a budget in June,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said. “We know that.”

    That hasn’t stopped county officials from moving forward with the requirements to set a budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year.

    A public hearing on the proposed budget is scheduled for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Roane County Courthouse in Kingston.

  • Obstacles in cleanup keep maze in place

    Roane County may make progress this month in the cleanup of the old Miller & Brewer building site and demolition of remaining structures on that block.

    However, progress doesn’t mean people should look for falling buildings and heavy equipment just yet.

    County purchasing agent Lynn Farnham recently told Harriman City Council they were set to open bids June 4, but that doesn’t mean someone will be out there starting work on June 5.  

  • SUPREME DECISION: Watchful eye on same-sex ruling

    The U.S. Supreme Court’s much-anticipated decision on same-sex marriage is expected sometime this month. Tennessee doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage so everything would probably stay the same if the court upholds the state law.  

    However, a ruling against the law would likely mean that two people of the same sex could walk into any courthouse in the state and get a marriage license.

  • Harriman tennis courts may find new life as a small practice ballfield

    It’s easy to blink and miss an old, worn set of tennis courts in South Harriman.

    Situated next to Drack’s Track, the ballfield at Harriman Police Department, the fields never got a lot of use and are now in disrepair.

    Councilman Wayne Best suggested a new use for them: Revamping them into a small practice field area for warm ups between games at the bustling ballfield.

    “The process is going to be fairly simple and fairly straighforward ...” said Harriman City Manager Kevin Helms.

  • A big welcome to Kingston


    KAITLIN KEANE/Roane Newspapers
    New Kingston Library Director Steve Parrott, center, is welcomed to the community by Roane County Board of Education Member Vic King, right, and his wife, Nancy. The Kings were among those who had a chance to meet the new director during a Thursday open house.

  • Rockwood budget work put on hold

    Rockwood officials will likely operate the city on a continuing budget rather than pass first reading of a budget by July 1 for the 2016 fiscal year.

    Rockwood City Council was to consider Thursday a first reading of a budget presented by Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller.

    Miller, however, decided to change course because of the uncertainty of the new certified tax rate with the ongoing countywide reappraisal.

  • DCS worker fired after assault charge

    Tom Hogan lost his job with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services following his arrest for an alleged domestic assault in Asheville, N.C.

    “I understand that he was sent a termination letter on May 13, 2015,” DCS spokesman Rob Johnson said.

    Hogan, who has a Harriman address, was arrested by members of the Roane County Sheriff’s Office on May 13. Sheriff Jack Stockton said Hogan was wanted by the Asheville Police Department for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.