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  • Harriman Council looking at meeting date, time switch

    Harriman City Council is mulling changes to its monthly meeting schedule.

    The Council presently meets the first and second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

    Officials have approved first reading of an ordinance to change the meetings to the first and third Tuesday of each month and update the time to 6 p.m.

    Councilman Kenyon Mee said one reason is the requirement to have a 10-day period between first and second reading of ordinances.

  • We wish you ALL a Merry Christmas

    Local law enforcement came together to help with searching the charred wooded area of Gatlinburg late last week.

    Harriman Police Department, the Roane County Sheriff’s Office and Rockwood Police Department were among area law enforcement who helped with search and rescue attempts in the days after the wildfires that ravaged the area last week.

    “We were very humbled to be able to provide assistance,” said Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright.

  • Roane leveling field to lure jobs

    Timing remains an important factor in industrial recruitment.

    “A prospect comes in and looks at a site and they’re thinking how long is it going to take me from the time we purchase this site till the time we can be in production,” said Wade Creswell, president and CEO of The Roane Alliance.

    “The longer the amount of time, the less likely they are to come.”

    Creswell said that’s why he can’t wait for the dirt work to start at the 40-acre Jones Road site in the Roane Regional Business and Technology Park.

  • Lanes, signals in works for Midtown roads

    Drivers in Midtown are closer to having the busy intersection of Hwy. 70 and Pine Ridge Road addressed.

    Harriman City Council has approved a resolution to partner with the Tennessee Department of Transportation on a project to improve traffic signaling and the turn lanes.

    “This is a project the city began discussing with TDOT way back in 2014,” Harriman City Manager Kevin Helms said.

    “TDOT hopes they can take the project to construction in 2017.”

  • From the EDITOR’S Desk: Fast-paced changes affect jobs

    During the 20 years I covered business in Silicon Valley, I saw a lot of changes.

    I covered the personal computer from when it was a niche market tool for business users to when it became a ubiquitous platform for worldwide communication.

    When I started writing about the internet, it was a proprietary network for engineers. I watched it develop into the World Wide Web.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: For good or evil, the Trump years begin already

    Ah, Gentle Reader, despite the fact that he will not officially enter into his duties as chief magistrate of these United States for over a month, the Trump Era seems to have begun already, if two happenings are any gauge.

  • Supreme Court rejects Rocky Houston appeal

    Rocky Joe Houston’s grievance with his federal firearms conviction won’t be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    America’s court of last resort denied his petition on Monday.

    The petition sought review of a lower-court decision that said it was OK for agents investigating Houston to install a camera on a public utility pole without getting a warrant.

    The camera had zoom and pan capabilities and it allowed agents to conduct surveillance of Houston on his South of the River farm.

  • Roane fishing to rid lake of weed

    Fish could be used to try and combat the aquatic weeds that have inundated Watts Bar Lake.

    “It’s a grass carp that eats the weed,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said. “Apparently, they’ve been successful in some of the lower reservoirs down in Alabama. There may be a movement here to solve some of the aquatic weed problem with sterile grass carp.”

    Aquatic plants, such as hydrilla, spiny-leaf naiad and milfoil, have been reported on Watts Bar Lake.

  • Rockwood’s SWEET Christmas