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  • Rockwood chief wants Harriman job

    Harriman may soon have a police chief, and there is a good chance it will be someone from Roane County.

    Those who interviewed last week included Harriman Police Department employees Dan Schneider and Jason Joseph, as well as Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright.

    Also in the running were Derek Pacifico, who is now in Knoxville after retiring as sergeant from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, and retired Crossville Police Department chief Rodney Shoap.

  • Into the groove
  • Harriman fills one Council seat

    One of the two vacancies on Harriman City Council is now filled.

    Mayor Wayne Best asked the Council to appoint Sam Russell, who sought a seat in the Aug. 4 city election. He received the fourth highest votes.

    “I’m just very glad Sam chose to run, and he’s going to be a welcome member of this Council,” said Councilman Chris Ahler.

    Russell’s term will be until the next city election in August 2018.


    Tennessee Supreme Court Justices Holly Kirby, Cornelia A. Clark, Jeffrey S. Bivins, Sharon G. Lee and Roger A. Page had plenty of questions for Tom McFarland during his appearance before them on Thursday.

    McFarland was at the Supreme Court building in Knoxville to argue why his lawsuit over the 2014 race for 9th Judicial District Circuit Court Judge should go forward.

    Mike Pemberton defeated McFarland in that election.

  • Pizza for those who protect

    From staff reports

    A youth named Sean Douglas is being lauded for an act of kindness

    he showed toward law enforcement officers over the Labor Day weekend.

    According to a post on the Roane County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Sean Douglas saved his allowance and bought pizza, bread sticks, soda, cookies, plates and napkins for deputies.

  • Ambulance service may go on to third billing contractor

    Roane County is on the verge of hiring its third contractor in less than six years to handle billing for the ambulance service.

    Previously, the county handled ambulance billing in-house, but eliminated that department on Jan. 14, 2011.

    A month later, it hired NRG to handle the billing.

    The county wasn’t happy with those services, so it dumped NRG and hired Intermedix.

    The county is now unhappy with Intermedix and wants to contract with Ambulance Medical Billing.

  • Budget has ‘a good fund balance for Harriman’

    Harriman Mayor Wayne Best said the city’s final 2017 fiscal year budget contains no big projects.

    The budget, which includes rounding up the property tax from $1.2197 per $100 valuation to $1.22 per $100 valuation, includes a growing fund balance, which had dropped in recent years.

    The city’s beginning unappropriated fund balance is approximately $868,000.

    It’s a matter of pride for Best, who was a sitting Harriman City Councilman when the budget was passed.

  • Rockwood man’s motion denied in child porn case

    A U.S. Magistrate is denying a motion to suppress evidence in a federal case involving a Rockwood man facing child pornography charges.

    Thomas Allan Scarbrough was arrested in 2015 as part of a nationwide FBI sting involving a child pornography website called Playpen.

    He is arguing evidence from the case should be suppressed because his rights were violated by an illegal search warrant.

  • Youth charged with murder

    The Harriman juvenile accused of shooting his sister’s boyfriend in the head has been charged with delinquent second-degree murder.

    According to the petition signed by Harriman Detective Dan Schneider, Jacob A. Kinney, 15, shot MarStratton Gordon in the head with a .357 round on Sunday, Aug. 28.

    The petition said Gordon was involved in an assault with his girlfriend Amber Kinney when her brother, Jacob Kinney entered the hallway between the siblings’ rooms with a Rossi .357 revolver.