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  • More woes for vehicular homicide suspect

    The woman charged with killing a Harriman father in a Valentine’s Day car crash is in more trouble. A warrant was taken out on Robin Waynette Ledbetter in November for violating probation. Roane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Kyle Canup arrested her on that charge earlier this month.

    According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Ledbetter was driving a Chevy TrailBlazer that crossed the center line and struck a Toyota Tacoma on Feb. 14, 2015. The driver of the Tacoma, Harriman father Terrance Clark, was killed.

  • Harriman buying eight police SUVs

    Harriman Police Chief Derek Pacifico was successful pleading his case for eight Ford Interceptor SUVs Tuesday.

    Pacifico described an aging fleet that has led to high repair costs and vehicles in unsafe conditions.

    Police officials said one employee’s vehicle fills with smoke, while another vehicle has to be put in neutral at stop signs so it will not die.

    “Eight puts to rest all the vehicles I’m currently frightened of,” said Pacifico.

  • From the EDITOR’S Desk: Annual NAACP banquet uplifting

    Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the NAACP banquet as a guest of NAACP Roane County Chapter President Joe Eskridge.

    Joe promised a night of great food, fellowship and music. Those who know Joe will attest that he is rarely given to understatement, however, I have to say, he was not exaggerating.

    Following remarks by Master of Ceremonies Tearsa Smith of WATE, a prayer led by the Rev. Larry Woods and a welcome by Chapter Vice President John Hamilton, we listened carefully to the recital of the Negro National Anthem by Joyce Woods.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Emolument clause & electoral college elucidated

    Gentle reader, over the past few days we have heard Trump spokespersons and apologists say that our new president, being inaugurated today, Mr. Trump, received a mandate, and that he was elected by the people.

  • Weed woes may hurt tax base

    One of the biggest issues related to the eradication of invasive weeds on the rivers and lakes of Roane County is the question of who should pay for it.

    Over the several years that the weeds have become a problem, private property owners have been contracting with companies that specialize in treating weeds. These efforts, which come at a cost of several hundred to almost a thousand dollars per acre, have had limited success.

  • Pickup falls on Rockwood resident

    From staff reports

    A Rockwood man was injured Saturday when the pickup truck he was working on fell on him.

    Timothy Kindrick, 57, was working underneath the truck when it fell at the 145 Garfield St. residence in Rockwood.

    Detail call sheets from Roane County E-911 indicate that Kindrick was moved from underneath the truck before emergency responders arrived and was blue, gasping for air.

    He had been on his side underneath the vehicle, described as a large four-door, full-sized four-wheel-drive Ford pickup truck.


    Roane County Sheriff’s Detective Art Wolff has a special bond with his dog, Katana.

    That bond pays off when it comes to helping law enforcement find a suspect on the lam or when looking for a missing person or human remains.

    “You develop that bond,” he explained. “In some ways, it becomes a closer bond than between many human beings.

    “When that dog will go through fire for you without hesitation, after they have done that the first time and you see that it just makes that bond even closer,” Wolff said.

  • Trials to include ‘shocking, gruesome’ photos

    The parents accused of starving their 2-year-old son to death have new trial dates.

    Circuit Court Judge Mike Pemberton set Matthew Dotson’s trial date for April 17 at the Roane County Courthouse.

    Concerns have been expressed that the parties could have a difficult time finding an impartial jury made up of Roane County residents. If that’s the case, the trial will be moved to Loudon County and start on April 20.